Freight Forwarding

Moving your goods worldwide by combining the strengths of air, land, and sea. With a proven track record in efficient order handling, we have helped our clients reduce their returns. This has resulted in a positive impact on their revenue and cost.

Domestic logistics

Whether you're sending across town or across the country, Milah & Travels Logistics is here to serve you. We offers delivery to the door to virtually every address in Nigeria.

With a strong logistics presence across Nigeria. We provide multiple delivery options when sending parcels. Whether you are sending parcels within your city or to a different state, Milah & Travel Logistics offers the most affordable domestic courier service to virtually every location in Nigeria.

Corporate Logistics

We have a national network and international delivery expertise to provide the high-level support required by corporate businesses. Our services can be booked on demand and can be expedited at the highest level with precision, reliability and professionalism.

Our experts handle every aspect of your corporate logistics planning and you'll receive a fair cost plan that meets your service requirements. 

Overseas Shipping

Shipping items across countries can be a challenge, especially with long delivery timelines and shipping restrictions. However, at Milah & Travel Logistics, we are bridging that gap by providing seamless, fast, and efficient overseas shipping service from Nigeria to the world and vice versa.

We do this by leveraging our robust network, fast-growing global footprint and the innovative use of technology. We make it incredibly easy to ship and receive items from any city in the world whether Dubai, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Ghana and a host of others.